The 30 Oyster story is an old story, a story that began a long time ago, back when sand dunes, oyster bars, and fishing shacks covered the panhandle, up and down the coast.  But these days, most of “Old Florida” is gone, demolished, paved over and covered up – with condos, traffic lights, and people, often four rows deep on the beach.

But, fortunately, not all of “Old Florida” is gone.  There’s still some of it left.   And as those who have visited it know, 30 Oyster is a special place.  At its core, it’s “Old Florida”, tried and true: A place where palm trees, uncrowded beaches, fresh seafood and down to earth people predominate.  Although some chamber of commerce executive somewhere labelled it the “Forgotten Coast”, it’s definitely not “forgotten.” And it never will be. 

At 30 Oyster, you won’t find high rise condos, traffic jams, high-end restaurants, or glitz and glamour.  Simply put, 30 Oyster ain’t 30A.  But what you will find at 30 Oyster is a laid-back vibe, plenty of fresh seafood, that true “Old Florida” feel, and a place to make memories that will never be forgotten